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Welcome to Turning Pointe Dance Centre. 

We pride ourselves on making dance classes a positive and rewarding experience for all young students. Steering clear of competition within the classroom we have a strong focus on students always working towards their personal best – whatever that may mean for them be they purely recreational or striving towards a career. 

In 2015 we moved into our very own premises boasting 2 beautiful studios in which the students can call "our home" 

 Our students:

-        Develop confidence as they continually work on becoming their personal best

-     Are taught correct technique from the beginning in a fun and age appropriate way

-        Are encouraged to ask questions and explore the answers

-        Enjoy the structure and thought put into every class, every term and every year.

 We offer:                                                                                    

        - Small class sizes and age appropriate choreography                               

        - A focus on correct technique, safe dance practice and personal progress.  

        - The chance to undertake exams each year                                          

        - The opportunity to perform in our annual end of year performance         

      - No sewing required by parents - all costumes are hired by the school to help keep                 costume fees down.